2017-10-19 09.02 LIVE Harmonic Trading Platform NT8.mp4

Thursday's session reviewed critical daily/weekly setups and executed a short-term trade in NQ towards the end of the session that resulted in a +40 point pop later in the morning.
Harmonic Watch
USDCAD: Bearish 61.8 weekly confirmed for reversal.
USDJPY: Daily Bearish HSI trigger + trendline violation.
NQ: Big HSI trigger Daily = shortterm pause.
YM: HSI trigger = pause but daily strong.

LIVE Trade: Go to 1:00 for NQ long trade with HSI "checkback" that defined 6055 as key support. We stayed long until after the session and closed out the position above the target at 6072. The market rallied nearly 50 from the low of the day.

Duration: 01:11:00

Posted: Thursday, October 19, 2017