2018-04-26 12.04 LIVE Harmonic Trading Platform NT8.mp4

The new Thursday session at 12p EST has provided a slightly different insight, especially as it comes to trading U.S. equity futures. Today, we outlined a number of 1-minute patterns that capped the early action and provided 2 clear opportunities. Also, the 60-minute/4-hour timeframes in the NASDAQ100 and SP500 have bounced from their respective Target2 LEVELS. These now setup the big retest in the ES@2702 and NQ@6700. We outlined a variety of FX pairs and looked at the downside targets for Gold.
Harmonic Pattern Update:
GBPUSD Bullish Deep Crab 1.3920 needs time
AUDNZD Crab Bear @ 1.0690 needs time
Gold Crab @ 1353 - Stay Short to 1310
GBYJPY Bearish Bat @ 153.25
EURAUD Bearish Crab @ 1.6150
CADJPY Bearish Bat @ 85.20

Duration: 45:05

Posted: Thursday, April 26, 2018