2017-09-26 09.22 LIVE Harmonic Trading Platform NT8.mp4

We looked at short-term strategies today and lined up a Bearish Bat on the YM Dow-minis which hit the Target 1 for +45. I recorded a brief follow up here: https://harmonictrader.vids.io/videos/7c9addb01917edc3f4/2017-09-26-11-12-harmonic-trading-mp4

We looked at the USDCAD again that is hitting an important resistance target at the 1.24 level w/ a short-term Bearish Bat. USDCAD now in rollover mode to retest the Deep Crab pattern with clear targets on the daily levels @ 1.21.

Duration: 53:16

Posted: Tuesday, September 26, 2017