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Today, we reviewed many key markets that are completing important patterns on daily and weekly time frames. Most notably, the recent consolidation in major US equity markets has been confirmed with distinct harmonic indicator reversals. In the S&P 500, the recent stabilization has been marked by Harmonic Strength Index and Relative Strength confirmation. I defined the 2638 area as the immediate continuation for the SP500 Emini (ESH8) to retest the Bearish Crab target at 2673. Now up 22 points as of this writing, we will followup on this situation in Thursday's session.
We spent much of the session outlining the important long-term levels that now define important support going forward for the next few months. Today's focus is critical for assessing the opportunities that have now presented themselves after last week's dramatic action. Finally, we wrapped up with the Bullish Bat pattern in GBPAUD that reversed over 100 pips from our original entry in the 1.7640 area.We are looking to secure profits on the position today with the stop loss moved to +50.

Duration: 59:08

Posted: Tuesday, February 13, 2018