2017-10-16 09.04 LIVE Harmonic Trading Platform NT8.mp4

Monday Strategy Session : We reviewed several FX pairs, Crude Oil and NQ. For FX traders, it is essential to look at the weekly harmonic levels, execute smaller patterns in the area of daily zones and manage aggressively. In markets like these, it is all about OPTIMAL POSITIONING so don't be afraid to take multiple trades in the long-term area. (i.e. USDCAD, EURJPY)
NQ: HSI bullish trigger w/ 6400 as year end target.
YM: HSI bullish trigger @ 22,850 as year end target.
USDCAD: @618 w/ Bat PRZ @ 1.2542
EURUSD: Gartley retest - tighten stops to secure +100...then we see.
GBPAUD: Weekly Bullish Butterfly
EURJPY: Butterfly/ABCD Weekly@1.3330.
AUDNZD: Weekly Bat@112

Duration: 56:16

Posted: Monday, October 16, 2017